Unbloomed Flower


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She’s broken.
Broken into so many pieces from everything she has ever been through.
Her heart cries out for a helping hand, but the tears just continue to flow like a waterfall.
She’s terrified.
Terrified at the fear she’ll never be able to love someone the way she sees other people love.
The music replays in her head as if were to be a constant reminder of what she feels she will never have.
Some may say she wears her heart on her sleeve, but really she keeps it locked away
to see who is bold enough to prove that they hold the key and will break down the walls just to protect it themselves.
She’s beautiful.
But she feels as though she could never compare to the other women of the world.
She can’t see everything that is good about her because of the incapability to believe in herself or even trust when someone else says they believe in her.
She can’t seem to find herself cause her heart is too weak to keep focus on what life has in store for her.
She sleep with her eyes wide open cause she’s petrified that the nightmares from her reality will be what she sees if she closes them.
She’s lost.
Lost in what she is supposed to be able to call her life.
So lost that not even a world map can guide her to where she is supposed to be.
She tries to find her place in life but can never succeed.
Her mind has got her scared of almost everything there is.
She sees the illusions that have formed from her never ending worries.
She wonders if she was put in this world to fill an empty space or is God still creating the perfect path just for her.
She’s silent.
So silent that her inner thoughts appear to be the only voice she has.
She won’t speak cause she’s afraid that if she does, the words that will come out will be the ones that are tattooed in her mind and now printed on her heart.
She fears that her words will paralyze her and then take over her mind.
Her personal bubble is her protection, but it will never protect her from herself.
She’s lovely.
But no one will ever know it cause she’s too shy to let it show.
She laughs to hide all her pain and her heart sings the unspoken words all at the same time.
Physically she’s all grown up but in her heart she still feels like a little child.
She’s an unbloomed flower waiting for her turn to finally grow.

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