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Have you ever wanted something more than oxygen?More than the very thing that sustains life?It’s ironic yet demandingA paradox of epic proportions and yet, it seems reasonable in your mind
People talk, people stare, that doesn't leave me to wallow in sorrow. no excuse to let down a tear, when there's a greater future in my tomorrow.
                         Fulfillment by Janet A.Wilson Fame, fortune and wealth,Brings this world into being,The barren land is nothing until plowed,Seeded, watered and fed, ripened and reaped;Contentment and love for our daily needs.To live prosp
Many spent 2017 drowning in a lagoon polluted with angst, opposition, and fear --For myself, 2017 awakened me from my frollick in the valley of stagation sparking me to begin my climb toward a career.
Changing yourself, just to better yourself, just to destroy yourself in the end. Now, your strugging to find the beginning. But, where did you begin?
Stand upSpeak outVoice your opinions aloudForget about your pastAbout every last doubtBecase we all have a dreamA hope,A wishSo go And be somebody   
The clock is set back and time is rewound As I look behind myself and contemplate I see a girl, chiding - so afraid to be found Lying beneath an oak in a cowering state  
Momma wrote Years ago a sunlit chapel First grade was ending I was leaving No recollection of the words Only Momma choked on them Sad Tears   Momma never cries
Empty thoughts have no sense of fulfillment My aspirations, desires, and concerns Fill in the empty spaces that cause me To provoke, ponder, and practice Every aspect of life Every aspect of humanity
These things have become artifacts since the last time you've touch them.I model my daydreams around the crinkle of linen sheets, hoping that one day I'll escape and find a place to meet you.
no-tice/ˈnōtis/verb1. to become aware of  
When our species is summoned  Brought from the unknown Where in is one's spirit shown? It is hidden deeply within only obviously felt when  you feel it radiating remembering where
  Oh shepherd of three-odd billion years bring 3’oclock coffee for its paragon   For the light slants at an angle at this hour it is redshifting, in the atmospheric ether
In my mind My flower's
Close eyes, see your dreams Close mind, feel our beams Hover night, why it is so long One shake, one shiver The night, will be cold Inisght, none will be seen Tickle Tickle Tickle
Moving my spirit Enchanting beat; pulsing heart. Music gives me life.
Loneliness is such a bitter-sweet word Who else to you know better than yourself? The more you're alone, the more you know About what makes you tick.   Yet, what if there's things best unknown?
I'm finally here Right where I want to be It seems as if it has taken forever For me to see so clear But here I am A college student Making her way through classrooms and side walks
Walking down the street Its more than a dream Its the reality that makes my soul want to jump out of me What I see is a frightening sight All different faces but no difference inside
Naturally I wear my hair jet blac with no perm,Naturally I speak my mind if I see it fit,Naturally I am artistic,Naturally in nature I am me.
I cannot stand it any longer Should I fight and Should I die Would I feel at peace or cry? O' wonderful person before me I can't help but feel as if you tease me
Voices of my friends I hear it. Voices of my own I fear it. I'm living my life on an unbalanced ladder hoping that I will be a somebody. A tongue is sharp and can kill,
Sadness drowning me into the depths of the ocean as the sun glistens above me. The white clouds peacefully floating in the air while the Blue Jays dance with them. Now I grasp pain and misery. If I could learn to fly I would never return here.
There is a stranger looking at her in the mirror. She stares back, dark, wet hair. Her face- a mask of nothingness- but her eyes, filled with the deepest, contained sadness. Face, red and stained black with mascara.
A mission. A mission. what am I to do? High school and college intend to point me right to:   The purpose of my days, the job I am to do. Why do I feel so lost, torn and confused?
Never get lost in the maze of making others happy, you may lose your own happiness in the process. No need to look, search, or wander, simply glance in the mirror, and look within yourself.
She’s broken. Broken into so many pieces from everything she has ever been through. Her heart cries out for a helping hand, but the tears just continue to flow like a waterfall. She’s terrified.
I see the Eleanor Rigbys and Gilbert Grapes everywhere I go, The people who forgot long ago to See beauty in people laughing, sunflowers shooting up Out of the ground. There are people who have never heard a canary
To be what I want to be is hard. To be what they want me to be is harder. To follow behind others and never be myself, thats somthing I have done for years. But I refuse to do that anymore.
There was a man. Who lived in a home on top a hill He lived alone He watched the birds come by his house He watched kids playing outside his home He wondered what it was like, to chase after that ball
I draw my strength from the Sun it beats down on me and I let it my time outside makes me strong my feet pound the grass and I sweat out my fear anger pain it all drips off my skin
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