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As she was thrown out  She found a safe keeping  In a sweaty bout  With her punches sweeping  The opponent off their feet  She lost the fight 
Foraging finch, led amiss.  Madescent billows roared, as clouds enshroud And a sudden cascade coalesced   With a well-timed jet stream & menacing westerly wind. It’s a monsoon, pitch, and roll!  
The sun scorches on the fine, coal-black sand Sitting there are many birds popping in orange, red, dark periwinkle, and green This is my cousin’s beautiful and tropical homeland
The thing about the earth is that It isn’t round Because god made it like that. It’s so the sound of my voice doesn’t   Touch yours.
Dear Home,  
Across the vast blue ocean, Rising out of the rainbow reef, Lies a solitary Island. Its tree-crested mountains, And river-carved valleys,
On islands where sea-salt breezes blow, And purple tropic flowers grow, And trees are laden with coconuts, On islands where sunrays seldom touch.   Volcanoes erupt and spout with glee,
I have always been a child of the ocean.
A cool waterfall To a rushing river far Flowing to the sea
1893, they overthrew the queen. Stole the kingdom, and killed her dream. A dream that her people were safe, that they will not suffer. That dream is no longer.  
What is narcissism? Can’t someone tell me? Oh wait no ones here but me. The reflection of myself through the glared glass Makes it hard to see. The nature of it, blinding.
  Waking up in a panic, I had another dream with out you. Something like the sky of clouds with out the blue.   This wasn’t unheard of, please she prayed. This is unbearable, please don’t stray.  
Room 203 Room 203, English 10, She still remembers it now and then.   Every other day theyʻd meet each other,
From the frosty top of Haleakala,  to the sunkissed sand of Hanauma Bay. The beauty nature is evident everywhere you turn.  The landscape of Hawaii is awesome.  A variety of ecosystems
I used to be able to time travel.  The time-portal to the past and present was a warm, blue seat.The time-portal to love was through vast, green bamboo stems.
So I live in beautiful, sunny Honolulu, Hawaii Pristine beaches and year-round summer weather Right? True For the most part. I walk to school every morning, 10 AM
KauaiMorning light creeps in my eyes, wild roosters crow,
He is granted the Moses opening The water from her eyes drown the aftermath Penury has foisted her innocence Extenuating the bedlam accrues everyday The sight of flesh is beginning to sear
  To most, I am a statistic. A product of a generation raised by absent fathers. Fathers who chose to forget their daughters and leave their sons to disrespect their sisters and mothers.
We high five each other when we are ready to fail a test we didn't study for We run around and ho wild when we're with each other But in front of those scary teachers, we're on our best behavior
I takes two to lie upon the fallen leaves Whispering of the beautiful scenery Remembering the good things Working through the bad To build a bright future
It takes two to lie upon the fallen leaves Whispering of the beautiful scenery Remembering the good things Working through the bad To build a bright future
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