False friends

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Hidden behind a fox mask, in this non-masquerade ball. A shadow that leaves me when its dark, yet appears when all seems light. A two-faced penny, no longer worth a dime.
All they do is cause problems, Cause harm, Cause drama, I hate them, They're an ugly gem, Filled with Flem, They are all hate, Spreading like a ramped disease, So contagious,
Standing lone, in this world turn dark- Looking round, seeing no way out. Realizing life, has been cloaked with doubt. Those you called friends, no longer seem real. Thoughts in your mind, now surreal.
And how my heart did feel that day When all alliance beat upon the crush'd All hope of victory was deftly flush'd By blood and for low price was I betrayed But all in secrecy was soft relayed
I cant find a way to live this swollen life,
It was all you The pain, the fear The crippling fear Oh it was their words And fists But you stood there with that smile Let’s play pretend to care Tell me you didn’t mean each word
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