letter poetry

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Dear Happiness, Please don't ever leave me. I wish to be hand-in-hand with you until the end.  Continue to spread your wings and soar to unreachable heights.   Dear Anxiety,
My balloons never really had a name or a purpose, 
Dear Hope,   They say you are a winged thing, but wings are fragile as glass and   When they break they leave shards that jut out at odd angles,  
Dear You,
Sweet, sweet girl, don’t lose that heart Even though sometimes, things will fall apart. Value your daddy and all the sacrifices he will make You don’t yet understand all he’ll end up doing for your sake.
I am graduating this year and you won't see it. I will walk down that aisle, I will accept my degree I will take a step forward and then I will take a step down. I will bow to the past and face forward to my future,
Dear Fate,   Look into my eyes After all your pressures of time And see how I have grown In the adversity you have thrown.   I was a little girl In a big, big world
Dear Past Self, I'm not sure where in your life you are, but I'm a sophomore in college. I'm not going to lie to you, life is not at all what you thought it was going to be.
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