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Sometimes moving forward means that you have to leave things behind. You can't keep the things you have forever. Your favorite person now, could be your enemy in the next few years
LET US RISE FROM THE FALL In the beginning, on this brand new earth, Before there was need of a new rebirth, Adam and Eve in their innocence stood
Calls countries make  Are made by their people  Calls countries receive  Are received by the people Yearning for a country transfixed or transformed
Hearts hold the wheel Driving lanes within mortals insane  That is when I found you  I chose to hold you 
They say our generation tries to grow up too fast  But we live in a world where we are to live to others’ expectations and grow up.   
How does it feel? Don't you wish you picked anything else? Don't you wish for a brand new self? For a price, just your life... I can set you free
So What Is The Trick To NOT Being A... Misfit... ?!? By This I Mean To Be A Seam... That BINDS A Team Like Coffee Does CREAM... !!! But DON'T Think That ... “ You're SLICK " ...
Now They STRESS That In Chess.... It's ESSENTIAL For You To Make The Right Move... !!!
Now It's Clear That I’m A... Creative Dude... But I REFUSE To Choose To Let WILD Talk Loose... !!! I Choose To Use Wordplay That’s Shrewd... When It Comes To News That Fuels Our World View...
Well It Seems That The Truth... Is That A LOT of Pursuits AREN'T REALLY That Cool... !!! Like The Pursuit of WEALTH... ABOVE Mental Health... !!! And The Pursuit of FAME To Have Yourself Placed...
I'm sitting here at war with myself. Part of me is wondering what I bother for. The other part is begging to heal. But I can't determine which is real, Or which entity I feed.
I know it's silly ... i use to fall asleep i would see your face my eyelids would fill  with bright colors and my nose would breathe in your scent and i would hold you close
      How can there be love if there's no respect?                  Just like there can't be respect without love. Before showing respect there should be  love. Love is reciprocal just like hypocrisy is reciprocal. 
So Are You A... Risk TAKER... ? Or One Who Plays... SAFER... ? Than Those Whose Flavour Prefers MISBEHAVIOUR... !!?!! The Reason I Ask Is Because It's QUITE A Task... To Make Your Mark If Your Thing Is... ART... !!!
MAN I Sure Can Pick Em' ... !!!!!! These ... CONFUSED Women ... It's Like I'm DRAWN Somewhat Forlorn ... Like A King That's PINNED On An Old Chess Board ... THIS ONE Was TALL ... Waistline Small ...
Ya Know .... There HAS TO BE A ... BETTER Way ... !!! There HAS TO BE A ... BETTER Way ... !!! There HAS TO BE A ..... BETTER WAY ... !!!!!
What You CHOOSE Can DAMAGE You ... !!!!! So Choose WISELY And Make SMART Moves ... !!! Before You Find Yourself In A BIND ... That Leaves You TRAPPED With NO Backpack ... !!!
Listen Man … " What you waiting for ? " ... A Housewife And Mother Who Acts Like A WHORE … !?! Good Luck With That Man ... !!! If You Find One Like THAT TRUST Me She's UNIQUE … !!!
Open mind Strong soul Joy will find Made whole   Closed eyes Hard heart
Do You PREFER To Hear Words That Leave You ... " STIRRED " ... Or Prefer To Hear Verse That's A Lil' PERVERSE ... !?!
I see her in the mirror. when im staring out a window into darkness. In the surface of a lake. She is my reflection. Her name is destiny, and she holds my fate in her hands. 
Yeah Let me tell you something crazy Things been shitty for me lately You think just for me Nah there a lot of us who hazy You cant even for a second be lazy Yeah that’s right, always busy guy
Not forced Victory does not care Your past struggles mean nothing 5 a.m sessions for the perfect application yet you may still fail
When I was young and less decisive I could never make a decision to save my life I would never express an opinion for fear that people will not like it
I'm good with children -- an axiom, A loom that weaves tapestries of branching fates: One depicts a teacher, Another, a counselor, A third, a nanny, And all, a Mother.
Silence is the real menace Cause it will weaponize our fear And one day turn back around To when my friends were all here   Billy went to fight in the war And didn’t return the same
These demons always plague me, They keep me in constant torment. Where could the angels be? They aren’t stopping my demons. The demons only get riled,
Through that happy dream Open this wide gray doorYell then step and screamWhat is this place all for?
Working 9 to 5 on minimum wage, until old age. It's not about the money, honey. You don't fell brave, just like a slave, but you gave until you entered a maze. Confused and abused, you refuse to blow a fuse.
What do you want to do, they ask me? I want to teach U.S History. I reply Professor? They ask No middle school
The world is crumbling. Our views are being blinded. People have become less in the eyes of others. Everyday in the news you see politics, wars, laws... Hate.
Life played basketball on the court outside my dorm The birds sang brightly to welcome the sun, singing In time with the even sound of the basketball on the Ground.
Dear You (yes, YOU, reading this), when they write us down in history, what is left to remember us by? will it be the rumble of our cars passing by? spewing posionus gasses that will fill our infant's eyes.
My voice! You heard me right. Elections are coming. I will vote to make my speech known. My voice!
It was when you told me you loved me that I really began to faulter the words that came to my ears from the mouth of my love but instead   made my ears sting
A moment of anxiety this is where your tightrope snaps So you have a choice To grab onto the rope and swing try to climb yourself with up the edge with all you've got  bruise your knuckles on the rocks 
Right and wrong is no longer definedBy a divided line Morality no longer exists in the human mindTruth has been overcome by compromise and lies
Petite fish in the sea, little mermaid so lonely, wallows in watery ennui.   Enough's enough and life is tough. little mermaid suck it up. devil says, here's my choice.
At Last   Once upon a time There lived an average girl. She was Asian and American. She excelled in high school, And didn’t care for school. She made them proud, her parents.
Before I existed She was Dear to you and yours. Then you found me A new chapter of light in your life Soon to be your wife. She who was
Once opun a time... Oh how cliche does that sound? To a hero I must always be bound I must always be the damsel in distress For no one else can wear such a beautiful dress I am a beauty for that I am sure
Under one nation What is one nation We fight a war for peace Please Its all an excuse To hide from the truth We are never satisfied We live a life smothered in lies.
You can't miss heaven and hell at the same time, You heart will always hold on to one. Why not make the right choice, and be righteous? Take a look at Zacchaeus, He once lived a life like yours,
Your tiny hands rap around my throat. They reach and grope like hangman's rope to break a neck already broke. snap crack and smash these sinews That hold my head up in the sky.
It’s tiring to wear a mask Make sure it doesn’t crack Make sure it doesn’t reveal the truth Constant checking Constant fear
And for every time we touched,    It felt like New York was still and quiet;     And Las Vegas had gone dark;      Big Ben down in London stopped ticking;And the flow of Fallingwater seized;           Venice stopped sinking,                And Rom
Happiness is a choice You have to make it In order to be happy You have to choose happy In order to choose happy You have to think happy So many people in the world aren't choosing it
Pressure gets at everyone So much to get going Wheels turn fast in the mind More and more getting crammed in Spinning faster and faster Until you break And you fall Speaking out is scary
When words become inexplicable And the intangible void Begins to tear, A silent mourning  Comes to rest within  The heart   Except, suddenly, this silence Is the only noise 
I am a bird I am free to fly wherever I want But I choose to stay in my nest There are people out there who's job is to hunt But my nest is the best and I choose not to stray I love my nest
I love the sky I love outer space I love you And I love the human race   I hate society I hate egos I hate discrimination And I hate the unknown   I hope society changes
I once stood for choices that colored me rad But I learned the hard way an adrenaline high is only a fad When you can live your life with millions of choices: a la carte
Oh, to be mad, what a wonderful thing Oh, to hear, such sweet symphonies Oh, to live, so joyful and free Oh, to know, to understand, to see Yet, to be mad, is held in poor light
"A fall from heights A stray dog bite's A single light A slave girl's right's  None of these matter  If there's no happy ever after But these thing we are And these things we were 
People will ask you: "Why are you so sad all the time?" People will stare at your wrists and wonder how you did that. How did you get those cuts? "The cat," you will say, "the cat did it."
You chose her, not me. Cant you see why I'm not with glee? I'm happy for you, but sad for me. Was I the reason we couldn't be? She has your heart. But mine, you broke apart. It's her you want not me.
Before me lies an endless maze
Before me lies an endless maze
What gives? What takes? What mends? What breaks? What heals? What hurts? What strips? What girts? What never dies? What lives on? What tells lies? What are our songs?
Over the mountains Across the seas Through the tunnels Under the trees The wind blows here   All over the world The voice is heard The wind whispers “Caution, Danger is near”
Running in a race is never fair, When no matter how hard you try, Being second is only the best you can be. Comparing yourself to other: The good, the bad, and then the worst
Staring at my reflection
  We are two different sides of the same soul This I say to you, my friend Lover’s Lane shall never end When we are finally together again   And I’ll let you know one thing is true
I could not determine why I continued to let my hopes and dreams die Turns out...
I walk a fine line between you both. Feelings teeter, tears are shed- someone will get hurt.
Love is not a choice. It is like falling asleep Or floating gently And landing in someone’s heart. But love is also an action. It is like learning to walk: You start by crawling
Holding a vessel of emotion I stood firm in my dilemma Without a single thought in mind I clutched the vessel With a shivering hand Wanting to crush it To set the emotion Free from the cells
My fear is not of material things It's of a choice, and the ripples it beings I'm so much more than a list of talents Yet on them, my life hangs in the balance   The question is: who do I want to be
Each night I lay awake Waiting and waiting To listen to that little voice.   It’s the voice Of my heart,
In an indefinable world Only able to transcribe Sensations and experiences Through words, sentences and phrases A translation, misread Lead to schematics Of life dynamics
Fingertips slide across my lips, And joy floods to my soul. Blood rushes to my skin,  I blush away,  I feel the sin. Why on earth am I this way? Yearning and burning 
You found me without searching,
Fear is a source of vengenance Powering all to ingnite in its glory We are weak and fall frail  We allow this to overcome our thoughts  Making us into something we never even imagined.  
Shoot her. The you in the mirror Or the you before the mirror. One wears a malicious smile The other tear-stained cheeks. She taunts and dehumanizes                 Fat.
Broken roads engulfed with rubble A heart apiece, blind eyes focusing Who can stand to face the trouble The hearts that burn, spurned Eager to face another day, wanting
You, at any one time, have a choice of Good, and of course the Bad, and less recalled Nothing.  It is through ation by way of intetnion that moves life.  So it is in You to shape your twin universes, the
Young like a kid and wild like a forest i meet him and felt complete for seven hundred thirty days i felt alive and loved.welcomed we wasted time, long talks on the phone,
Your like a ripple in the water- Jou just brush agents my feet before fading away Your scared to welcome it in lurk you use to- You were hurt to much in to short a time You've gone mad in grief
My mind gives birth to many thoughts...
As we drift our souls into one,
Primitive light envelopes the birch logs in heliotrope.  Autumn leaves adopt an auburn glint.  Crouched moon in the southern sky.    This is the place astronomers call Shattering dawn -   
I am the villian of my own choices and there is no one to blame
Goverment For you we must excel But, how can we without the proper funds
Day in, and day out there is a voice inside my head
voice mono toned, deaf to all ear. unable to relent nor express deep fear controlled by all sides of other people expressions able to listen but unable to be heard words struggle to escape the mind 
My Friend,   I hold your face with gentle hands, gazing into
Playing Peek-A-Boo through the bushes. I see a daisy, a damsel in distress, I wonder to myself; a flower that has never been caressed.
    laid out spread like butter on the ground.      i'm melting. yellow self bubbling  as i seep into the ground. through eyes that barely see but  straight ahead,
  what litters my Mind, is the Mind itself. how self-absorbed and arrogant of itself,
Whats on your mind?  I alwyas ponder this question time to time. We often wonder about our problems and what puts us in these binds. I think of the same things, sometimes I wonder should i commit crimes?
Real life, real words, real truths, mean little to you. You hide behind your paranoa, You want the "best" for me yet  Your support of my dreams means nothing to you. You ask me to subsitute what I want for myself 
Darling, darling... open your ears and listen to these words you must hear Stop puhing away the things you hold dear because of your fears
Oppression surrounds us, many don't value our opinion but they can't dictate our lives What some may regard as nonsense may be wisdom to the ears others Your voice is powerful and unique to you
"Why do you talk so white?" Well sir, what do you mean? I'm only talking the way I know how to speak, are you sure I don't talk pink? "But, why don't you talk black?"
What the fuck do you know about me? What the fuck do you know? Who the hell are you To say? To choose For me,  What you do see. A skinny black kid? You see A Pair of Glasses? You see -
Buttons pop off seam by seamNo baby this is not a dream Chest bearing chestHe is trying to make sure that is is the best Belt unbuckles , pants hit the groundOh now you must know its going down
I will break away. I will break away from the walls that hold me. I will break away. I will break away from the lies they've told me.
If I could change something  what would I do? Would I make a new building or create a zoo? No I would change something more important The life of a child One who is unspoken
A Life Never Lived I hear them quarrel About my life So cold and immorel Words like a knife   The truth is ungloved
Let's take a look Look up Up away from that iridescent screen   Let the grey surroundings turn green like the trees And yellow daffodils  Pink pansies The blue ocean Can you see it?
Everything all at once Or the chance to do nothing at all
  Skipping daintily on his merry little toes The Pied Piper plays his tune. And laughing happily as he goes His eyes do glisten like the moon.   He beckons on with fiery force
Stand up and hear the cries With anguish they cry, With despair they suffer, With hope they hold on, Hear them cry. In haven, she is broken,
They smile and waveI walk by and shy.They all look pretty,I feel ugly.They smile and laugh,i try to tag along too.I will try my best to smileand laugh
I'd make sure I had been heard. I'd spit those words out so fast. That they would have to stop and listen to me. Because words are heard better. When they aren't stumbling over each other.
Two lanes seperate Left or Right? Dream to think freely Dream to make a statement Which is true goal? Many times I take left Many times I choose wrong
It’s boring, it’s all boring. That’s what I tell myself. Then I remember a quote from a source I never cared to research that says Only boring people get bored A quaint platitude for the
Would you do it? Kill a friend? If you killed a child, Would it end? An elderly man Wheelchair bound, Would you knock him To the ground? What of a dog Battered and beaten?
Forty days and forty nights of detoxification hell because God knows to eat is a sin worthy of the fall of humanity. For just as it is human nature to sin because of Eve-
Forty days and forty nights of detoxification hell because God knows to eat is a sin worthy of the fall of humanity. For just as it is human nature to sin because of Eve-
That bean size thing growing In your stomach it is showing
I hate to say you were a mistake, because you weren't.
All that is constructed is doomed to destruction.
The birth of our nation, with colors red, blue and white We will never forget, people willing to fight Tyranny heald the people in chains But heroes were born, fighting in snow or rain
Should I stay or should I go? I have to make a choice If I don’t, I’ll never know   Whether or not I’d enjoy my life
Why should I respect you? When you feed me propaganda- I don’t react pleasantly.  Oh credit cards are the devil and fracking is great- REALLY?  
ACCEPTANCE© Glenn Johnson   Today longing burst into the blooming of acceptance.                                For how many eons . . . into how many worlds 
I’ve stood by my superiors like a soldier, Standing up and sitting down at their command. I’ve happily served them, even as I grew older, As the hourglass sadly filled up with sand.  
I'm starting to wonder if it's your fault or mine. The fears of getting out populate my mind. You keep telling me things giving me assignments, peojects, homework and it's supposed to prepare me
Not every day do you see a place like this Some call it a hole, others an abyss It appears to be a gateway to Hell Those who fall into it have a story to tell  
Its a reality we all have to faceThese broken mirrors aren't just a phaseThe shattered bottles on the floorJust symbolize a closing doorGetting your shit together is hardAnd we all have to play our part
My life was short My life was cruel. Winston was my brother But he hardly felt as one. I never was a child I never lived my life. I was robbed of a past I was robbed of a future.
This fog gives me a sweet sense of what is to come, While the sun is hiding, ready to take its course. I am ready, for my story has just begun.
Life is a perpetual cold. It is said to cure it "Do what you're told. Don't stray from the norm, or life will suck." But I am not a sitting duck. The status quo is getting old,
It’s always such a long fall from the top The drop seems as if it would never end Or give some sign as to when it might release you, To relent.   I scoff at the absurdity of it all Yet here I am,
“This is who I am. I can’t change.”   I have killed choice. I’ve given up. I'm a slave to myself. I’ve surrendered to gravity.   NO   Just because I was born that way
We were broken from the start Ill made molds from our beginning Bits and pieces of fears and failures Make our chemical make-up   We will not bow We are broken, not defeated
There she sat, trying to find her way. To the left, sky blue To the right, dark gray.   Turn and move in the direction you face. These are the rules Choose, with great haste.  
The bubbly laugh of a baby boy, A beautiful smile of a toddling two year old. The innocence of a child is something we take for granted. To think someone could decide to end the budding life within themselves..
I am drawn towards two different things, a battle of knowledge and heart, in which I am losing. The struggle of maintaining both only hurts. But do I care if I am judged cruely?
  What is black? The dripping loneliness Of ample emptiness When your emotions withdraw   What is white? The blinding heat Which scalds, scorches, and sears Through the vacancy
There is a certain blankness in your stare one that is so deep, and true It seems you're the only one who cares. I'd like to say you're diffrent, but you're beyond that hold me don't let me go hold me?
He is being consumed by fire It is his decision to complete the fall Determined good or evil by choice His strength is in his willful power He must go Out into the open
Cursed by biology Burdened by my family Screwed by talk of teenage dreams With the aid of government funding I turned to drugstore chemistry For results that I could read Lo and behold the test agreed
Aborted... It was all fun at first, Every kiss, every touch. Expressing your "love" With kisses and such. But he wanted more And who were you to deny? You gave into temptation
Life is short, they say Live it to the fullest. Life is a gift, they say Treasure every minute.
No glance or furtive peek needed, I already know. They are me, all respiring to one united beat and breath--and we’ll die together at death.
He said I think we better head back To that place we call paradise He wrapped a sweater around her shoulders Seeing how her arms were cold and bloodless.
School is out of my budget But the rich love it The poor hate it Because I can't make it The rich laugh at my struggle While the poor support my hustle I live within my means
The rain splashes down, seeping into the thirsty earth. Cars swerve with tension as the drivers cringe in apprehension.
man you KNOW that ain’t your house on mtv cribs. I bet you don't even watch mtv. You and your girl each got like 3 kids, and both ya’ll together made less than 3 hits.
I thought I knew the road and where it leads; I came upon the fork and felt so sure, Until the trees in shade began to tease; My confidence was shook, I closed the door. My heart is closed and locked, I am afraid;
In one minute many things can happen choices are made deals are done decisions are reached and life changes irreparably
Coffee or Tea? Well, what will it be, Because the decision is left up to me. My friend across the table ordered Tea. And for him, Tea it will be. But my decision is left up to me.
Rejected Restricted No. Not anymore. Their voices need to be heard, not ignored No. Not anymore. They have suffered in silence Never to be truly complete Man and Wife? Accepted
Inside me there's a life I may not give the chance To live nor To be a kid Nor To grow big I feel you baby Mommy is here Yet please my child Understand This world is evil
Don't take it away don't let us regress we've pushed that boulder up the mountain and now it's threatening to roll right back down to crush us to smother freedom.
(poems go here) No more games. I need to know Since we can't seem to figure it out, I'm going slow my roll and speak out loud. Situations pissing me off, how you tend to switch up,
No one here No one there No one anywhere Shame has shown Make it known It starts at home Fear came in Life begins We start again No one here No one there No one anywhere
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