Roses are Red

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Yes, I still care

But, what’s it to you?


You showed no respect,

No emotion at all.

So why did I stay

When you put up a wall?


“So why,” they would ask,

“Do you deal with the bruises?

Your whole relation

Is constant abuses.


He cheats and he lies,

He yells and he screams.

He hits you until you

Burst at the seams.”


“I know,” I would say,

“But he loves me somewhere.”

Little did I know

That you didn’t care.


You did it again.

You left, calling me useless.

Yet I sat and did nothing,

Just covered the bruises.


“So why,” you might ask

“Would you care about me?”

“There’s potential,” I’d say,

“There’s much more you could be.”


But you see, I was wrong.

I had lied to them all.

You left me there broken,

Yet I did not bawl.


No more bruises were made,

My spirits were lifted.

I thought I would mourn,

But my whole world had shifted.


So roses are red,

And violets, still blue.

Yes, I may care,

But not about you.


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