Open Up The Curtain

Open up the curtain suppressing the real you,

Push back the boundaries. 

Enough hiding in your surroundings,

No longer shall the world demand a fake point of view.


Unveil the person this world has never seen, 

Perfectly created, no more cowering behind a screen. 


These thoughts arose out from the depths of my soul,

Hear! I shouted, I can take this no more!

Enough is enough, let the world hear me roar.


Caught in a nation desiring a flawless humanity, 

Ultimately, true identity is replaced with counterfeit vanity, 

Reality becomes abandoned as people lose their sanity.

There is hope, however, if we throw away our masks,

And decide that celebrating the individual is our only task. 

I know what I must do, for that I am certain. 

Now, stand back world, as I open up the curtain.....



Do not be afraid to show the world who you really are.....


Love the set up, it's cool how you also spelled it out:) We entered the same contest! Do you think you could check out my poem to?

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