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I am me I am from the D From the waters that overlook Canada I am from Motor city A place that is loud with inner beauty I am from the soul
Being a girl, I am thought of t
With out an instagram edit, to change the lighting. without agreeing on a negative topic, to keep from fighting. Im pale skinned, acne covered, slightly chubby, and mentally ill.
Open up the curtain suppressing the real you, Push back the boundaries. 
Insecurities unfold all around us Everyone’s walking around like their aimless No one shows their true colors Everyone only judges, why bother Afraid to show the world In fear of acceptance
What if I told you I'm not what I seem? Would you listen?
Life can be tough and people acknowledge that But they don't realize how much I hide Behind my curtain of lies They see my shining smile and happy step But all I feel is depressed and lonely
Inner Self, Talented, ways Undefined character Talkative, over thinker Finding me. Find me, The true me, Not the one who others want me to be. Finding me, The true me,
The way you carry on in life; its inspiring. The way you smile through the hard times; its breath taking. The way you rise above obstacles; its motivating. The way you love us unconditionally; its amazing.
It all started in 8th grade I was desperate I needed a way to let the real me through I felt like all of my friends were failing me I had to put on a fake smile Each day I pretended it was all okay
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