motherless child

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HAIL MARY FULL OF FACE A Dreadful Tale about a Dead Anglo Mother, A Dreadful, Avenging Aunt, A Stolen Baby Sister, and a Hateful, An Unfaithful, Defaulting Father.
Gone gone gone away ran ran ran away from here away from here darling i know you are afraid but please please try to stay stay here your Childs right here and she says she said she loves you
Do you remember? 
The words she's gone from the doctor The hysterical crying, bloodshot eyes The worst ride home The father saying "I dontcare where you stay" The move The guilt setting in The talk with him
a child reaching out for love to have it slap away a child crying for help to be choke gasping for air a child being ridicule for a medical condition in which he/she have no hair
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