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I am not defined by the color of my hair or the size of my hips You can’t make me believe that all I am worth is what you tell me I am not worthless, because I’ve made a world of differences to the ones who know me best
Rain drops earth at a steady stop Clouds of depression cover her heaven Faces of shame Share the blame Heaven doesn't ring it's bells An angel is expelled A silent cry for help
Love is not a choice. It is like falling asleep Or floating gently And landing in someone’s heart. But love is also an action. It is like learning to walk: You start by crawling
All of us are like flowers, we start out real slow. From a really small seed, we learn things as we grow. To be better than someone else is our focus rather than the flow. Everyone has their moment,
I drift in and out of sadness Explode with manic madnessI can't control your loveOr make you wish you had this But it's sad - thisBottomless hungerHeart -  banging like thunderSitting up at night 
coffee so much coffee better get coffee i desire this so badly for you to have your coffee nothing is worth your frowning face   (May 2013)
happy so happy better get happy i desire this so badly for you to not be sad ever nothing is worth your frowning face   (2012ish)
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