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Manic by nature, recurring on paper Therapists lose hope, increasing the dope Drugs flowing free, needles, pills, killing spree Blood Spackle the walls, as heroes continue their falls  
Running down the stairs With my pink embroidered dance bag The rising temperature  Causing my skin to moisten  Like a melted Hershey bar 
I had declared it would not fall in love, But the goddess Aphrodite took it as a challenge. Still, I was so sure I could manage.   One day I met this man who asked me on a date. On my way to work, I said no.
Since being grown up, I read more now. Not just for fun but,  to learn lore and how this world is run.   This all began in 2015. When Trump ran,  and I was eighteen,
I thought I would stay six forever, well that did not happen.  I thought I could play with my toys and have fun with no challenges.
A Year Alone I chose to go To somewhere that was quite unknown   Whole new ideas I had never heard Ways of thinking I thought were absurd   And all my thoughts?
My challenge was to climb three vertical beams that hang off of each other. No help from my team. Swaying back and forth, I used small pegs
"The moment has arrived. The day I've always imagined is here. I spent nights without sleeping for this. This is all you've ever wanted, but you are scared. It's now or never", I would say to myself.
what is the meaning of lifeif my heart wants the knife What is the point of loveif theres nothing to dream of
From the moment we are born there are things that shape us into the people we are today. For me and you we are given the choice to be shown the way.
To whom it concerns: To everyone who has taunted and teased me: For the color of my skin. For the texture of my hair.
My mentor, my dear mentor, How terrible you have been to me, And yet I must thank you.
1) You’re never allowed to tell a lie Unless the lie sounds nicer than the truth To tell people what they want to hear   2) Everyone is right Everyone is wrong
All you know how to do is take                                                   TAKE                                                             TAKE
Have you ever dreaded to take a breath Not the kind that fills soft moist lungs But the kind that follows a silent death Let me go no further For I can see you I don’t have to be there
Walking the path Hundreds, no thousands had tread before Winding through the hurdles of life College, finals, work How does it all get done   I worked towards perfection Never stopping
The end seemed close by Paralyzing and choking My voice imprisoned But the beauty of novels Freed my voice and expression
What energizes one in early morning?             The favorite song drifting through the air             The symbol that the day is not for mourning,             But the beginning of the new, awakened by the music blare
I fall asleep with the desire on my heart.  With a plan in my mind. But when my eyes start to open, Before the sunrise, I start thinking of my escape.  My excuse.  My bed is so warm. 
Success, You are the reason I wake each day, You challenge me, You change me, I owe it all to you, Success
There is fear and there is comfort, But sometimes comfort is intertwined with fear Challenges Succeeding is the comfort of warm lavender bubbles enveloping your curves
Now I've had a thought,  that every person has a story to tell.    So humor me for a moment,  and write yours down as well.    I'll pay it back full price you see,  and tell you mine in return, 
I am young, hungry, ambitious I am Yond Cassius I crave success I relish challenge I have bark I have bite I am the tip of the ice berg The edge of a knife The start of something great
Everybody experiences it Temptation. What should Make your Any different than Everybody elses? We are all HUMAN We all face DIFFICULTY That is what makes us Who we are
A person faces a challenge everyday some are small and fade away
When will my bones stop aching when will my chest stop quaking from my missing you   I must be the one  I must become some one so I can love myself more than you
What if every word had a cost? And you paid in in full Every 'and' 'a' 'the' Cost you part of yourself We would be a bit less careless, wouldn't we? Hopefully Probably
I don't need your approval for my actions I don't care for your judgment on my transitions Even if I'm doing wrong I don't need your permission You would understand but you won't listen  
Challenge! Oh how you ridicule me, ridiculing all mankind with their failures failures, the curse of this retched condition
Don't define the undefinable People are not words, people cannot be broken down No dictionary can tell me who to be  No thesaurus can find something similar So neither can you.    Everyone says:
There we stood face to face neither one daring to flinch The mirror howling screaming in agony its cries growing more and more and even more intense
People keep staring I just look to the floor Strangers start talking a few more steps to the door. Beep.. Beep.. Beep. Heart racing; too much noise Cheery smile, happy face.
Living in this challenging and competitive world Knowledge is the only thing that can’t be taken from you Focus on getting an education and you will be unstoppable. Success does not come easy, motivate yourself
For a friend I've since lost, this was his challenge to me: "Write me a poem in five minutes. Free verse, but I like rhymes. I dare you to make it fit me to a T, make it totally and completely me." And so, I did.
I’m told   Follow your dreams   Challenge yourself   Learn all that you can   Elementary   But if you don’t do well on the test How could you know it at all  
Conformity is like a box, Your as sly as a fox. You try to sneak in your ways, This is not a game everyone plays. Its so serious, Dont act mysterious. I have my beleifs as you do yours.
I Am told By TV And by my peers What to think, but not How to think. You Must teach me How to Think.   You Teach me How to think, Whether that be
The heart of movement Strength, Discipline, Grace, Power Combined into one
Who shall I praise in my moment of glory  Who shall I praise in my moment of pity Who shall I praise when I need to be happy Who shall I praise when I cry like a baby Who shall I praise when I don't know who to be
Seasonal breeze, please slide in my window, Flow through my hair and take away the pain of cramping fingers. I love my big brain, but with the way it’s being endowed
They took it You spent years Pouring your heart Soul and sweat Into the wood and nails The blisters and measured Imperfections Until one day Your beautiful masterpiece Was complete
You don’t know what I’m talking about You don’t know what I want You don’t have the ability to read my mind
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