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I don't want you to turn out like your brother, It's a little late for that, we have the same color eyes. Stop being so dependent on me, your sixteen now. Alright, I'll move out as soon as I turn eighteen.
 Dancing boxertaking giverfighting allyloving enemy.Muscularly weaksweetly rough.Trying quitterplaying spectator.Joyful screamshappy sobsscary smiles.Dad you are an oxymoron.You’re like curry.At first you’re nice with a little bit of kickthen it s
Why do you do this, it makes me so sad; I wish I could tell you. how much it makes me mad.   You don't listen to me, even when you're wrong; It tears me apart, and I never feel strong.
  Thank you for not being around Thank you for letting me see how amazing my mother is Thank you for making me feel as though something was missing Thank you for not being there.
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