I'm Taking It Personal

The things you said were more than words:
Those evil barbs you fired my way
Were meant to hurt, to crush my pride
So stunned, I had no words to say
I took one on the chin and once
I pick my fractured self back up
From off floor, I'll measure out
The fullest measure in a cup
This cup of wrath I've measured out,
As you go on about your life
I'm musing how, and when, and where
I'll pour it out, repay the strife.
You, unaware, have walked on by
No doubt you've found another friend
To whom in jest you will disclose
At my expense, some time you'll spend
Your coward acts, your thoughtless speech
Your bully ways, designed to beat
The av'rage man into the ground
And leave him there in low defeat
But I will rise, and you will pay
You only thought you'd had your day
I'll have my day, I'll have my say
So who's the fool? That part you'll play!
You trampled me with low regard
The world will know the naked truth
When you think back you'll rue that time;
An eye for eye, and tooth for tooth
by David C Rogers

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Very powerful, David! Stories of revenge always have a lot of passion in them, and I think you did a good job of showing it here.


Kind words, thank you! I could share the backstory sometime

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