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I know what you're thinking- Not the echidna. I see them- massive structures of meat and bone clenched intent on destruction
The things you said were more than words: Those evil barbs you fired my way Were meant to hurt, to crush my pride So stunned, I had no words to say - I took one on the chin and once
W: We A: Are R: Retaliating   We are tired of seeing our kind shed blood.
Did you harm me in any kind of way? Do you have a guilty conscious of you doing me harm? Did I sense you did? Hope that you didn't and hope I didnt catch on... If I do sense so, the delirious state of mind causes retaliational thinking.
  What a beautiful color, red, she said And smashed it down with her hand Orange is pleasant as well, I can tell! And crushed it according to plan. Green, so keen, a fervent shade
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