I remember

I remember 

I remember when I could just eat

Eat because I was hungry

Eat because I just wanted to

Because that cookie just looked delicious 

Taking a bite and feel happy

Yeah, I remember 


Now looking at that cookie

Only thinking about those calories in it

Not a cookie anymore, just unwanted calories

Calories which I shouldn't eat

Poison to me

Go away, you don't need that cookie


It looks so good though 

Imagine the chocolate melting in your mouth

You wanna taste it, take ut

Eat it, you want it, the only thing I can hear


One bite only, then I'll stop

The whole cookie gone

but the guilt, the guilt is here

bigger then ever

Why, why did I do it


So there I am, once again

Lying over the toilet

Fingers down, as far as possible

It has to come out

All of it, till there is nothing left


Yeah, I remember 

I remember the time where the cookie was just a cookie

Nothing else

I remember.



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