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Today was like every other day It was so terribly long   and so terribly dreary   I fear these feelings will never end I’ll always feel so dark   feel so hopeless  
When we fell in love it came unexpectedly. Similar to car crash on a good night You were there to hear me say “I think penguins could fly if they tried hard enough”
In the future I will be strong Someday I will be quick In due course i will be perspicacious In the future you will be weak Someday you will be sluggish In due course you will be unperceptive
Elisi Said {Elisi- Cherokee for “grandmother”} Because I love him, I’d have let him slay the wolf… But I could have just as easily done it myself. Because I love him, I waited for him in a tower,
Suicide is slow. Suicide begins as a small blob, sitting in the dark corners of your mind, black and heavy with emotion. Suicide is always there, always sitting, always whispering.
My feet walk over this earth and I remain ignorant to so many things. From whom the mirror shows me To how  to use my hands But my mother has told me about you She kissed the crown of my head when I still could not see nor talk And whispered "Than
Fate is not a linear force. It is not an inescapable hallway, But rather a myriad of doorways Showing all the possibilities before you. We stepped through two doors on the same day
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A fact fades from truth to legend, to simple fantasy. Sustaining mortal life without life of her own- the Goddess drifts Four essences lye in her wake, She searches endlessly.
Hate? Hate. What is the definition of Hate? Hate: To dislike intensely or passionately. To feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward. To detest; is that your definition of Hate?
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