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Sometimes I feel like chicken little and no one else seems to see that the sky is falling and that I’m not strong enough to carry it.   Frantically fighting to get out of the way
there are oceans of people moving through through the waters I can see it in the distance maybe beauty is momentary  but chicken nuggets last forever  
Through the frosty window, in crisp air and a silent sea of white I see the tiptoe of a fox, bright as a burning ember My breath snatched, I stare— dark eyes Then I see the mounds, scattered—
Daddy's hand is a big warm blanket embracing mine as we stand in the mud   "Goodbye, Lenny" and our rooster, our little ball of fire, is no longer ours but belongs to the man with a hole in his throat
If we loved everyone like chicken. We would be eating eachother.
My little sister loved eggs. Every time we went over to Aunt Mary’s house, With her coops of cocks and chickens, She had to see some freshly laid Eggs.
Act I A tap at the door ... ... ... Oh how your gentle knocking stirs my pelvic floor! I pause my binging, And begin unhinging The door and myself...   Act II
The poor pigeons coo
Notice me ticking Because I cant take every blow You so innocently throw At my ego   Notice that I am struggling That I struggle To trust And open up to you.  
Loveless it was,Dead and lifeless it's filled with mistrust,Just lying there untouched,Rejected and un-clutched,
I've yet to see the light of day. "Animals don't feel", they always say. I grew up, not loved and overfed. Just so my meat can be placed between two slices of bread.   What did I do to deserve this,
Your genetically modified existence Can barely stand upright. Your beak is absent, Your feathers are fake, Your wings don't work. You are not a life,
10+11 are the days I should stay home Your mother called. She asked me what you want for dinner, chicken or spaghetti? How can I be special at home?
There's a hen outside my window, No, seriously: A hen. Four in fact, 'cause I'm a farmer In the suburbs. Sound strange? You bet, I'm told I'm strange every day. That's cool. I'm used to it, but
oh demented chicken noodle soup, what has happened to you? your noodles oversized, but you have me mesmerized. dare I add crackers? the employees here are slackers. they put no love in you,
Because I'm Black Of course, fried chicken Is a part of my essential nutrients Knowing how to "twerk" Is clearly In my blood
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