natural disasters

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I’m afraid Of two things. This isn’t to say That I am not afraid Of other things But My fear of deep, dark, cold waters, And the places on Earth That the light doesn’t reach
You wouldn’t want to know, What happened that night. The fires had come and gone, Burning all the forests down. Landslides in the hills and mountains, A tsunami that had come from the ocean.
There once was a girl Who had a war going on inside her. This war was a just a quarrel Between all nations to see who was best.   The sad girl was getting too frail and sick
a southern wind blows across the sky clouds once a frightening white submerged into a powerful black the sky roars / the wind howls  i feel it in my bones a strength from within / older than history
Pitter patter of the rain on my head Sends the fears straight to bed,  In the things gone unsaid.    And the crackle of the thunder Sending all the pain asunder Taking respite in the clouds
Hear Me Earth Your actions have Consequences   Hear Me Earth Appendages ripping at one Another  
America is pretty great that I will admit. Freedom, justice, liberty We're all entitled to it.    But America is changeable.  We need some help, in fact.  There are many problems we face here.
Bombs all around me Shrapnel hits my skin I can feel my life fading I’m about to give in   Then my Corpsman came
              I write to bleed emotion on this blank piece of tree,to connect to the depths in my mind understnading why.
A meager rift in the atmosphere        One, maybe two degrees You sense its mood is changing                                                    Unsettling                                                             
The ground I walk is cold and wet under my feet. It trembles like the hands I reach out. Bodies shake around me. A scream. I run towards the sound of a lost little girl. Her crumpled body changes me.
When confusion sets And you lose your bets The world blinks in stone; When guardians fail And morals pale You think you're all alone. When leaders fall And sickness crawls
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