Darling, You'll Be Okay.


The pain I feel is from within,

The smile is all a show,

The dreams I had

Once big and bold

Suddenly crushed and hopeless.

Who needs me

I am no-body

Unwanted, alone, trapped..


The only hope for me is you,

I hope you understand

It’s time to say goodbye

But not without a good cry,

Just look to the sky

And say goodbye

For I will be there, waiting, watching…


I am numb,

Blocked of sound and sight

I hear the sweet music

It’s bringing me to life,

The smile you see is not a show,

The happiness is beginning to glow



you’ll be okay

I hear it,

Repeating throughout my mind


My Saviour.

He kissed the scars on my skin,

The pain in my heart,

And the tears down my face.

I whimper as the blood drips from my arm

One turns to two,

Two to four

Four to eight

I'm sorry,


I love you

 and darling,

I’ll be okay.

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