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Humpty Dumpty didn't sit on a wall The King couldn't build with only one call Humpty Dumpty the governor of the garden state Will only end up having one big terrible fate Humpty Dumpty tried with his might
Up in her tower Bound since the hour of birth to now in candlelight Shut in from the light and all potential fright just as her "mother" intended.
Tick, tick, tick, It's time to go to school to learn how to be quick. Tick, tick, tick, A grown-up Peter can't afford to not be a cynic.   No more daydreaming and pondering,
Roses in the garden today are red Voilets in the garden today are blue Wishes in the garden today is a child Blessings in the garden today is a child in my womb that grew   A daughter was born to me
A lost and abandoned girlWalking around the cold streetAll alone as the snow swirlsWith nothing in hand to eat.
Cinderella left the ball in a flurry Leaving only a glass slipper behind Prince Charming was searching for her But not to worry  
When Red was a babe Her granny had said, "If you're ever in trouble, use your hood made of red"   Now we all know the tale of that little red hood that caused so much trouble
Tale as old as time,  Belle and Adam's bells, Ringing in the rain, In the night they went,  For their love forever ranged. 
Once upon a time, In a forest not far from here, There lived a family of wolves, Pack is the technical term,
Her bloody red hood hid her face from the hungry onlookers of men. Hair the color of blazing fire hung past her shoulders and eyes the color of bark. She walked with her head cowered down as she entered the quaint antique shop.
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