Little Red

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Once upon a time there was a girl. She inspected herself with a small, dainty twirl. Leaving her home with a basket in hand, She was off on her way to travel the land.
One day, in a small little village A small girl awoke from her bed She walked up to her father and smiled As he laid his hand upon her head. He asked her to deliver a basket To a distant relative who lived nearby He warned her about the monster at
It was pure luck I saw her from far away From the darkness of the brush And I prepare my jaws to crush   Her name was Little Red
Little Red made this trip as early as twelve. Her baggy hood wasn't enough to cover up from the wolves The feeling of shame, arising, the first time they noticed that Little Red wasn't looking too Little... anymore.
Weeping and wilted She threw herself down The forest beneath her Hosting sinister shadows The lesson here Was to never stray To never look Towards the dark and say “I want to explore”
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