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with time comes responsibilty. only those who can partake in such things such as a job are said to live happy but does money makes us "human" does being wealthy make us proud and lovable?
You tell me that I am the love of your life, say that you've never loved anyone the way you love me, laugh and call me adorable when I'm acting strange, smile when you look at me from the driver's side,  
The world is a narrow tunnel, stifling in its embrace and cramped in its wake. Breaths become shortened, quickening in erratic gasps unable to draw in enough oxygen.
But I’m broken. And now anger overflows within me. And I still feel lost. Not because I still love you, this isn't even about you anymore.
All I need is a Place to Clear my Head Sitting on salty rocks at a peaceful beach where shell and crabs are within my reach.
Well, it's senior year Graduation is right around the corner My chin-up ways are tested by the things I hear Man I hope I don't fall off this stage
You know that feeling you get when you walk alone? The feeling that somebody else is there? You get the sensation of footsteps behind you But you are too afraid to turn and look?
The deep, agonizing thoughts swarm  around my head as if they are bees.The dark memories cloud my brain to the core, keeping me from seeing the reality around me.
Running. running. Always running. Never back. Only forward. Never down. Only up. Running. Always running. From the past. To the future. From the street.
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