Christian spoken word

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From the moment we are born there are things that shape us into the people we are today. For me and you we are given the choice to be shown the way.
It's the 1 thing that you think that youv'e seen but youv'e never really believed It's the 2 words you say to yourself so that you can achieve It's the 3 in one, Yawehe, Holy Spirit, and the son
It's a battle, it's a bomb site. It's rainy, it's smokey. Gusts of fire reign over the night. Pools of hot led filled blood cover the grass. Sparks from the swords seen from far away.
In my suffering you are worthy, through my tears you are working, from my scar's you write my story. Through my body your passion is storming.   I see you everyday, In the trees you show your glory,
My sockets were full, my mind was racing, my eyes swelled with glissoning droplets, my nose dressed in red velvet robes. My heart sunk to the depths of the Arctic Ocean. Night mares rushing through my soul,
It was Friday night, The clouds were encroaching on the skies above Terror filling the lands below Darkness invading the Earth around us
It was A beautiful day outside, the clouds were like a painting in a frame The sun giving the clouds a kiss then peaking over their shoulder to illuminate the earth
Why would you leave me?Why would you forsake me?How could you lift me up, then drop me?Pour your heart into me Then pour it back out for all to see?Tourment me with evil thoughts
That color suits you Satin skin draped along the stem Waiting to be noticed We made a connection As I sat across the room I noticed you, in full perception In full beauty, in full bloom
When I think of you, I try to imagine only the good But the memories are fading fast, a flash to the past Reminding me of crying Of lying there, when suddenly I don't feel so alone anymore
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