Living life

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I’m tired. I want to sleep. Drift off in the endless abyss. Going to sleep is hard. But waking up is even harder. Let me close my eyes.
On the Tube  The great city that is London ,Connecting,Making it possible for the masses to get everywhere,Commuting. From north to south, east to west,Amazing,The tentacles of the myriad of carriages,Engineering. Yet without the inhabitants what
From the moment we are born there are things that shape us into the people we are today. For me and you we are given the choice to be shown the way.
Depression is a selfish illness in that it makes you think  solely about one thing; Oneself.  You try in vain to conquer these demons yet find it does little to  help.
The brush stroke is smooth but not silent The colors clear and vibrant Every part of the rainbow is there Every splotch will declare
What is it that I have erroneously misplaced?Do I have leave a trail to retrace?Has my vision blurred?Am I walking life in a drunken slur?Do I spend too much time staring at the stars,
It’s watching the crystal water stretch out until it touches the clear sky in North Carolina,
Freedom is what everyone strives for Yet we all see it in a different way. We long to break free of all life’s difficulty And yet we can’t help but stay
A silver hair spins a thousand tales unspun. It comes, drifts, sinks and leaves, Blinded by what it thinks, hears and sees. In a world where the two, seeks the one.
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