It’s the devil in DISGUISE,

When you look into its eyes,

You become mesmerized.

An eater of souls and a dark cloud above,

At one point you thought it was LOVE.

You’d give up your LIFE just to have a TASTE.

You’d stop caring about YOURSELF and go for the CHASE,

Of that HIGH.

You’ll STEAL, CHEAT, and LIE.


You become SELFISH.

You become MEAN.

Some if you started when you were just a TEEN

You think it feels GOOD,

Till it’s not the same.

Then you start playing the CAT AND MOUSE GAME.

You want to feel NUMB and not feel a thing,

You want to get HIGH and FORGET everything.

But in the end is all the same,

You’re filled with REGRET and full of SHAME.

So, if chose to still get HIGH, go ahead.

Cuz’ all you’ll end up with is



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