low self-esteem

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  She saw beauty in everything. Trees, animals, flowers,anything you can see she saw its beauty. No matter where she looked there was beauty to be found. But there was one thing she could never see any beauty in.
It’s the devil in DISGUISE, When you look into its eyes, You become mesmerized. An eater of souls and a dark cloud above, At one point you thought it was LOVE. You’d give up your LIFE just to have a TASTE.
I'm competing with myself, competition like two me's trying to do me. Although, I am beating the one kind of gets to screw me. Well enough of the, "ooh me - uh I" Feel me? Like the opposing guy,
Behind every closed door may or may not be a secret. Yet people decide to be fake, despite it.
They say the hottest love ends cold It's true After all, if a relationship is only heat the fire must go out eventually And then the frostbite begins licking at your nerves, at your life
I wear a Jesus bracelet and a cross around my neck I go to church on sundays I guess I have been saved   I wore long sleeves to church about a year ago I smiled and sang for Jesus
I used to look down a lot My head full of melancholic thoughts And myself  so weighed down I could not stand up.   In fact I was falling, deeper and deeper into a depression
You're so sad, your tears illuminate a dreariness that words can't describe, you're so angry, the wrath of your fury is something you can't hide.
Dazed and aloof, I twirled a strand attempting to appear like I had an ounce of care Until I realized how much I despised having to pry my hand from this nappy, untamed hair Is it wrong that I just hate so many of my parts
Attaining the pain cliffs Clenching fists Intent to murder translates as violence tears, Like the warmth of coffee – All through me The tingling energy of rage surge my cadaver.
The night was once an empty dream The trees offered no shade I once had no hope in me Life to me was just a game
It is all said with silence Although no words are spoken, a million words are heard Words of disappointment, shame and failure Words that ignite discouragement and extinguish pride
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