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All I Need By: Stephen Heine   If I was a poor marooned soul, Stranded on an island away from man. Because without music I have no goal, And I'd wish for a shorter Lifespan.  
Wilson is brave Wilson is round Wilson will be there, and even roll around. Wilson can't walk He can't even talk Sometimes you'll need to set him on a rock. But Wilson will listen
If I twas stranded on a island there is one thing I would absolutley need to have. And that would be my goggles. Yes this one simple item would have to go in my survival bag. Although goggles might not even pass through anyone's mind.
 Grasping at shadows. Reaching for Ghosts. Searching for figures along the coast. Looking for something real, something to hold onto. A single shred of proof that I am not alone.
Cast away upon the island, Washed up onto the shore, The message inside the bottle, The one you threw before. It started as, “roses are red, And violets blue, Nothing is better Than being with you”
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