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 Can't find the words No matter how hard i try None of them are upbeat
2 hours 51 min ago
Those days i tend to miss Feeling so happy I think to myself
2 hours 51 min ago
We were a thing of the past Thoughts wander my mind Im sorry
2 hours 52 min ago
Was that just a one time thing? Made me feel so alive Were you just using me
2 hours 53 min ago
Feeling empty inside Nowhere to go Nowhere to hide The sinking feeling
2 hours 54 min ago
Used to make me happy Used to make me laugh When it  ended
2 hours 54 min ago
Fake it till you make it thats what they say well i must have made it cause ive been faking everyday  
2 hours 55 min ago
trying to force a smile But nothing happens Try to speak
2 hours 59 min ago
This doesn't happen as often But sometimes I just wish you would call.
3 hours 1 min ago
Maybe i'm not dealing With my emotions I just can't explain
3 hours 1 min ago