Poems about Bullying

I'm pretty sure we are all people, look at us. I'm not really sure why everyone making a fuss.
Peter Pan you took us away The lost boys told us you wanted to play They were tired and so was I
Where have the days gone The ones seen in those old movies when sticks and stones were the tools of torture
Hey you there come over here There's something you need to hear You're a bully there I said it
They called me a monster, They called me a witch.  They called me a hypocrite,  A bully, a snitch.   
Their drug addiction is a prescription for hate. So use to being withdrawn and rejected.
Laughter is all I hear. I hear the cruel whispers as I walk down the hall. I can hear you.
Sad girls like me have no home and so we always sit alone
 Over 3.2 million students are bullied each year