Poems about Bullying

Everybody always got something to say about me and what i do  how about worrying about yourself and do you
Dear America the great, what is our fate?
Elementary school  To the kids in my elementary school Remember those days when I was that kid who you got placed with because you bullie
Why is it that you see her in the corner crying yet you do nothing
I lay in my bed thinking why? Why did you have to go so soon? Why weren't we taught how to live without you?
My father had always told me how although he was never there to sign the certificate when he held me in his arms I was something more tha
Pulling truth from the roots So that it hurts Mopping the floor with your tears Still afraid to face your fears
welcome to society
The kid everyone wants to ignore 
         Bully! Not the Teddy Roosevelt kind. Pain and suffering for eight years straight.