Poems about Bullying

A red cape, A basket full of baked goods, And a big bad wolf.  
Here we are, Sitting here, fingers intertwined, purple ribbon around your neck, dull knife at my throat.
I was born beautiful, I was born bright. I was told I was worth something, I thought it to be true,
I understand you fake, to take, but awake the quake that shakes the snakes from forbidden trees.
To live the American dream means to be the one living in the family house that you own Debt free
Miss Cinderella, the invisible girl Had a tragic curse that makes you whirl. It happened when a witch came
I am a teacher of children and father with none I am an artist with a different frame of mind
I am Macbeth, A regal shepherd of Germany, My only purpose is to love and protect,
I finished my essay It's a lot to say Maybe the message was heard It'll soar like a bird A story undeterred
Hello old friend, we meet again.I will let you, Darkness, settle in.It's been too long, don't you think?