Poems about Bullying

Bully me and you'll see exactly how bullies don't last in my world. Bullies only exsist because of their insecurities.
Everyone can bully and that's the truth some families joke  but mine don't.
Bully and belittle Poke and prode That's fine 'n' dandy Mama ain't raise no swan  
Tinker, Tinker Bell, oh I know you so well You entice, you excite, but most importantly you're not very nice
“Why do you do this? Oh please tell me why!” I do this because it's my only way to survive.
A red cape, A basket full of baked goods, And a big bad wolf.  
Here we are, Sitting here, fingers intertwined, purple ribbon around your neck, dull knife at my throat.
I was born beautiful, I was born bright. I was told I was worth something, I thought it to be true,
I understand you fake, to take, but awake the quake that shakes the snakes from forbidden trees.
To live the American dream means to be the one living in the family house that you own Debt free