Poems about Politics

they say the battle was because of colour,  instead the battle was and still is because of their  hunger and thirst for power  When the o
So... Corona Movements And Now Education... Are Creating A World of CRAZY CONFUSION... !?!
Everyone is watching, While many were marching. The pandemic stalking, While our government continued balking.
12 percent of me is in the moment, 15 is withdrawn, Because 30 is wasted on stress, 
It Seems That Folks SHOULD PREPARE... !!! For This Phrase I Now Share That Clearly Will SCARE... !!!
Now I Have To Say... That In These Strange Days... My Use of Wordplay Is In A RICH VEIN... !!!!!
Now It's Clear That I’m A... Creative Dude... But I REFUSE To Choose To Let WILD Talk Loose... !!!
DAMN These... Liars And LIARS... !!! Aren’t These Folks TIRED... ?!? of ALL of Their Lies, Deceit And YES Crimes... !!!
Nobody thought the man could win, that King of Broken Things, but he showed his vulgar mind