confidence *beingmyself

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From Stone “Are you jealous of me?” Medusa hisses. Her friends slither, and smile. “Another statue,” they laugh. “Pretty, cold, porcelain; meant for a shelf,” they mock.
I'm always stuck in my mind, Wish I could stay there all the time.   No one understand me here, They all think i'm kind of weird.   No one knows, How much it hurts, It only gets worse.
Dear Me,   I know it seems like the world will end Like you'll suddenly shrivel, or Like the ground will open up underneath your feet and swallow you up like a big human treat.
They call me Trailblazer after God sat me down and played a word association game,   She tells me that she'll go first: Time, sand Fear, drive Hope, light Breanna, trailblazer  
My Own Puppeteer by Molly McMillen   Their words seemed to always creep under my skin Tied themselves neatly around my fingers and limbs
Who are you to tell meI’m not enough Who are you to tell meI’m not pretty or handsome enough Who are you to tell meto be a follower never a doer Who are you to tell meto talk back to my parents
I used to reach for the old And I do still at times New is important too though New can be scary
They say birds of a feather spose to stick together but it's almost as if my flock den flew off and 
writing about myself isn't easy, you see i'm a shy girl, it takes a lot for me to reveal to you the imagery i create in my head, every second, every minute, every hour, every day.
As I... Stare in the mirror I notice my imperfections
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