My Entities

As I...

Stare in the mirror I notice my imperfections

And I ponder the reasoning for possibly getting certain injections

I want to appear to be something that doesn't exist

So I shun myself, afraid of all possible rejection


I've always loved music and the thought of taking the chance

But in the presence of other people I hide my face with my hands

And my heart begins to tremble when he starts to come over

And again and again gets put down when asking for a dance


Yes, I'm good at school, and no, most of the time I don't think I'm ugly

And yes I have pride and my future they say will be lovely

But I don't want to be heard, and I don't need to be seen

I want to be just in the background like an unaccredited machine

I... take that back! I do want to be heard!

I do want to stick out from the crowd! Like a rose in the dirt

It's just I'm so afraid

Of rejection, imperfection

I... only want to be PERFECT









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