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I am numb. Just barely awake, but awake enough to go through the motions.Desperately in search for someone to see past color and see the real beauty within. I am anger,
Being me to the fullest could be described in so many words
Me is nerd, Myself is ornithophilous I am determined.  Read, bird-watch, give my A game, All these are in my name. Studying is not only me Playing with my birds is not only myself.
Raven cloaks billow around th
Smile, Wave hello, Be friendly, Be bold, Be perfect. They expect that from you, So you give it to them.   “What’s wrong?” They ask, if you only slightly frown.
There used to be a curtain  But I tore it down This is who I am Someone who thinks inside and outside the box I used to be afraid, I use to be "different" They used to make fun of me
I don't even know it.
             The Curtain Falls For You  
Who A
Intimidation is the wall that separates her from the truth To fit in she dresses to impress the ones who call her “lame” What is lame anyway? It’s only a describing word, like perplexed, or shamed, but what’s in your soul?
Standing in front of the mirror Knowing who I am  But I feel like I'm lost In this wonderful land
My poem is uninspired. It is boring; it sounds tired. You may like it for its tons of rhymes, But trust me, it ain't worth your time.   Now, ain't ain't a word, But it's a word many have heard.
The Crow's the one who tells the story With fleeting ebony wings, he comes To torment the mind He brings all nightmares into reality Fates ebony angel His eyes see straight into the soul
Amanda with hair
HER is such a masterpiece
Who I Am  
My mask covers from my forehead to my nose,
Me, myself, and I I often come off as shy
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