I Broke


Who Am I?

Who I am on the outside is not the same inside

A spirit inside of me is begging

Begging for me to let it free and be who I want to be

You may think you know me

However you only see what I want you to see


I hide behind a curtain

A curtain of lies, deceit, pain, and suffering

I pretend to be perfect, to be strong, to be independent 

But inside is an insecure, depressed, and melancholy boy

Deep down I am not the strong independent person I come off as

I am nothing but broken


It feels as if I keep piling band aids on top of each other hoping

Hoping that no one will see the agony and pain trying to escape

Many say that it gets better and everything will be "okay"

How can I be okay if I was never okay to start with?


A person can only be pushed so much until I break

I can only be pushed so much until I break

And I've been pushed so much that

I broke


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