The Curtain Falls For You


             The Curtain Falls For You


          I allow the heavy curtain to fall,

                          with me standing tall behind it.

                      I do not hesitate,

                          for I am hiding myself from you;

                      from this world.


          Do not fret,

                 I am not afraid of you,

                   nor do I resent you,

                    this world I live in.


          I hide myself

                   behind this curtain,

                             for you;

             therefore, you will not be tempted to judge me .

          Therefore you will not fear me.

         Therefore, you will not resent me.


        The curtain falls to hide my secrets,

                       to hide my fears,

                   to hide my thoughts,

          and to hide the part of me that you don't need to know. 

           Therefore, I hide myself for you.

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