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Her imagination was wild ! Unrealistic dreams floated through her mind  The life style she lived This girl had to be dreaming ,    Fancy house , foreign cars , and designer clothes ? 
Once Upon a Time there lived three warriors One dressed in Red One dressed in Blue  One dressed in Green They were summoned by the flower tribes At which they received their names Flora Fauna 
I am the prince oh how great am I So great I can bestow a kiss to any princess I find My men did come and to the forest we rode Upon being out there a beauty I did see picking berries and practically calling to me
Once there was a Beauty, That fell fast asleep. During the day she was happy, But at night she would weep. Not knowing her parents, Or who she really was, It gave her much trouble,
Written down in history Beautiful and fair They say they lived happily ever after or so they thought But, no one knows what was done in the dark  
As I approached the bed of a sleeping woman whose name I know not, My feet come to a halt and my breath becomes withheld. I cannot help but stare in awe of my findings
Once upon a time A young girl so benign Confronted by the curse Touched, pricked, and tumbled Fallen by the spindle.      Oh the unlucky one Rembered for her collapse
Once Upon A Time, She heard the clock chime, Only to tell her the magic was leaving, But she didn't care for she was believing She would see him again. That blue dress and perfect hair,
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