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He plans meticulously.   She smiles with the warmth of a thousand ancient fires, and her eyes twinkle to rival Venus in the night sky. Whose maze was he in?
My mind is a labyrinth. I am trapped in an endless cycle of fear. I am so afraid. I know what I must do… I must leave the garden, The only place world I have ever known. I must leave His grace.
Nothing in life is ever completely clear. Everything is hidden within a fog or some sort of mist one cannot peer through.
Family comes first. That's the one thing mom taught me indirectly She never said this, but through her actions she taught me-- Family comes first.
You claim to be human, then put yourself down. How dare you believe you should not be around. Your mind is a labyrinth, your looks intriguing Yet you still think you would be better bleeding.
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