My mind is a labyrinth.

I am trapped in an endless cycle of fear.

I am so afraid. I know what I must do…

I must leave the garden,

The only place world I have ever known.

I must leave His grace.

And enter the labyrinth.


There are twists and turns.

A thousand new faces.

Even more names.

They jumble in my mind.

I am tormented by ignorance,

By the minotaur's callous laugh.


I try to escape.

To fly on golden wings.

To reclaim His glory.

To know my friends once more.

I am denied.

Judas has lain their kiss upon my cheek.


I fall back into the labyrinth.

Desolate and distraught.

I read the words,

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

I am shattered.

Beyond repair.


And yet.

Here I stand, whole.

Surrounded by friends and support.

Life is no longer a labyrinth.

I smile, as we enter Babylon once more.


~ Samantha Walton


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