Family comes first.
That's the one thing mom taught me indirectly
She never said this, but through her actions she taught me--
Family comes first.

And so when my sister is upset, but I have somewhere to go
I cancel my plans and sit there with her
for hours
Hearing her rant the emotions her husband refuses to hear...
Because I'm not sure about a lot of things,
But I was taught
Family comes first

I have only $10 in my pocket and I'd love,
a pair of headphones
But my friends, they're hungry,
So I buy us all food,
Expecting nothing in return.
Because through teachings I've learned that, well,
Family comes first

Family comes first--
before your wants and needs,
before your aspirations and your dreams,
Before your thoughts, before your plans.
Not looking for anything in return,
(Thank God I don't believe in a heaven)

But that's the thing about putting others first;
they'll put you second


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