You claim to be human, then put yourself down.

How dare you believe you should not be around.

Your mind is a labyrinth, your looks intriguing

Yet you still think you would be better bleeding.

Your labyrinth has ruined you, your looks mirror that

Below the surface, an end you've arrived at.



Now people still love you, but you weren't alright.

You abandoned all hope, and worked all the night.

You hit them, you broke them, you ended their lives.

The memories were dead, and you were alive.


Your bruises have faded, as well as those scars

There's love in you now, and your eyes entrap stars 

The hate that you held broke with your past

Life you can now see, and the hope will now last.


Your labyrinth is an adventure to begin

The beauty you never knew starts to sink in

Ideas and colors you never knew before

Flood into your mind as you shut the old door.

You have gone, all traces have been left behind

Your demons are all dead and you have survived


The pain and hate that you held so dear

betrayed you, but now you feel no fear.

All you needed was to let 'you' die

To find what you thought you'd never find.

Your eyes entrap stars, your head a maze,

Your heart holds love like a fire ablaze.




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