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The Bear    You keep on poking the bear . True .... the bear isn’t as badass as she thinks. Yeah ... but .... she’s got a mean bite .
Like a flower blooming in the spring, 
 Why should that young girl feel that wayThe way your young boys treated her today She is not an object to be used for play the way you label her as easy is so cliché  An object of man’s desire to fulfil his sexual needs Why the fuck should we hav
You're like a hurricane of bad news,  but I had have you, everything about you had me going crazy, but you're too much for me to handle, like a foreceful wind, you've thrown me to the ground,
“Just tell them no,” Grade A advice
Can you hear any of the words I say? Are you able enough to understand? I told you no, so please remove your hands.
I said the word no and meant it That doesn’t mean you ask again Same answer between now and then
Stop! No means no. "But she changed her mind." "She was asking for it."
It's sad how easy this topic is nowadays, because it happens so much. Rape, violation, abuse, molestation, you can't turn the news on without it being mentioned. Too many women get assaulted,
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