The Bear’s Quite A Load

The Bear 


You keep on poking the bear .

True .... the bear isn’t as badass as she thinks.

Yeah ... but .... she’s got a mean bite .

I’ve got thick skin .... it’ll be alright .

Maybe it won’t be right now but we’re in the early rounds .... Right????


Metaphorically speaking , I think you’ve got some oil leaking .

True  I’ve got some extra miles .

True , maybe there’s a hint of denial .

Well , I’ve got plenty of gas.

I think there’s plenty of reason for both of us to last .


Did you ever think the bear just wants to sleep ? 

Yeah that’s a thought ..... but I this is spring not fall .

If the bear doesn’t even know the season ..... how can she expect reason ?


Well , that bear is pretty fierce and those claws can take your life .

If you’re worried , I can show you my scars .

They’re all kind of deep and left me disfigured.

They all have pain and joy that I like to remember .


So , I’m into making memories rough yet tender .

This poem is about: 
Our world


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