Back To You

Like a flower blooming in the spring, 

Her life about to blossom. 

All she needed was rainy days 

And a few rays of sun. 


Ready for the storms life would throw, 

She rooted her soul deep 

In the cruel world of happiness, 

And the hard rules to keep. 


She grew up to the sky with strength, 

With no one in her way, 

Until she came across a life 

Who promised they would stay. 


But no! He threw her to the ground, 

And said she was worthless. 

Falling, could not get up again, 

Struggling for the surface. 


That’s when life took a little more. 

The light was filled with dark. 

She waited for the day to come, 

Where happiness would spark. 


For years, no flower could blossom. 

The seed of a heart, still. 

She sat in silence and darkness, 

So frozen with a chill. 


And the light, illuminating, 

Finally, there was hope! 

The sun did shine again once more. 

No longer would she cope. 


This is a powerful message 

To all the boys who go, 

Stealing innocent, broken hearts. 

It will come back to you. 


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Our world
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