"No" means no


It's sad how easy this topic is nowadays,

because it happens so much.

Rape, violation, abuse, molestation,

you can't turn the news on without it being mentioned.

Too many women get assaulted,

and too many times it gets overlooked.

Too many times does a woman get assaulted,

and is ashamed for what was done to her.

But should she be ashamed?

Be ashamed that someone took advantage of her?

Be ashamed that it was someone else who forced themselves to see the places only the one she loved should see?

Be ashamed that what she wore could be the reason it happened?

No, but in this society we teach everything wrong.

We teach girls not to get raped,

instead of boys to not rape.

We teach girls that if you wear provocative clothing,

you brought it on yourself.

But don't you think we should teach boys to learn how to respect women?

That if she wants to wear shorts and a tank top,

that they need to control themself if they have the urge to rape.

Or that taking advantage of a woman or a young girl or a teenager,

makes them the exact opposite of a man,

a coward and disgusting human being.

Society needs to change and see,

rapists should never be allowed to be set free.

If someone says no, it means no

not to convince them,

not to try again later,

not to think saying "no" is a joke.

"No" means no.

It's not that hard of a rule to teach.


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