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Dear twelve year old me,
Every day we pass by, All the people we saw cry   But do we think of it? No we just overlook the ones who quit   I sometimes stop what I'm doing, To my dismay I just end up stewing  
As the bottle licks his lips, A spiteful demon leans in, Enjoying his deceitful kiss, Sucking on its bloody sin, Passing on guilt and mirth, Sprouting in his very soul,
A child screams in the cold. A man cries for his lover. A woman dies by the words of a doctor. A boy bleeds for a victory-less war.  
Everyone believes your great, They keep on telling me so, Expertly you play the part of their mate, Sweet childishness and humour overflow,
I wish I had a father that didn't belong to the bottle but was truly mine, Who gave to me security and laughter and was reliably kind, One who asked how my day went and was interested in school,
Daddy had his drink, No money for our clothes, Daddy had his drink, More times than we supposed, Daddy had his drink, And we had bills with no way to pay,
I'm writing now to a little girl, A little girl sitting lonely rocking on the floor, The little girl inside of me whose hurt eats at me like a Hunger gnaw,
You tell me everything will be fine now theres milk in the fridge and our TV plays seinfeild reruns now. Just two days ago you came stumbling home. Just a week ago your wrists were sliced open like monarch wings.
Night  it's to be a time of rest and restart yet all I know is how it tears apart a family a love a being   it was night that a young girl had her heart shattered
Here’s to dejá vu.
You let him lay in you. Indulging in his existence. Taking him in.. inch by inch, Hoping to get addicted. Letting him paint all over you, while you lay there like you were his canvas.
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