letter to a Little Girl

I'm writing now to a little girl,
A little girl sitting lonely rocking on the floor,

The little girl inside of me whose hurt eats at me like a Hunger gnaw,

That little girl whose hot pain forces me ever onward to feed,
Foraging for anything to hand in order to prevent the show of my heart's bleed.

That little girl whose so many times has watched her father drunk,
Stumble, fall, vomit, naked whilst raving about how his own life stunk,

That little girl whose so cheery faced and happy to all at school,
Unable to mention the constant horror that lives within her soul,

That little girl so deep inside that for decades have been squashed and repressed,
Attempt to suffocate her with every desperate swallow preventing present me being depressed,

To that little girl, I now write "its time to come out of your box,
I promise to deny you no more with false laughter and my mocks",

That dark whole, home 4 decades caused you to distort from child to monster,
A dragon full of wrath and pain that devours me ever after,

"its time to come out, to grieve and heal, to finally be acknowledged,
Adult carrier of childhood wounds will at last use love for your soul to nourish.

This poem is about: 
My family


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